Better Distractions

Gracing this page are a few sites, podcasts, and people that I find interesting. I openly encourage you to stop working/studying and waste some time looking at these resources.


Sandefur lab

This is my OG research mentor and friend's site. This man introduced me to Python when I couldn't figure out Java. He deserves a round-of-applause for that alone. He is now teaching at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in the Biology department.


In the interest of improving, I have to stop researching sometimes and play games. That is to say, I "practice" my code skills at CheckIO. CheckIO allows users to hone their Python or JavaScript skills by applying them to tower based strategy (Empire of Code) or puzzle solving (CheckIO). Furthermore, your answers are just not "wrong" or "correct", they are graded by creativity, efficiency, & brevity, and compared against your peers.


Talk Python to Me

Talk Python to Me is a podcast about Python: "the language, the libraries, the ecosystem and the personalities." This podcast has become a ritual during my commute. I get a glimpse into the many facets of Python that I may not see in the data science realm alone. The content is given in a conversational way, without verbally going through code. The guests come from all corners of Python (from Netflix to StackOverflow users). Furthermore, Michael Kennedy (the host) is an accomplished Python educator. Through his podcast, he has put together a series of courses to get you coding, no matter your skill level. He covers everything from the basics to making your ouwn business. Check it out